Risk of highlighting lip with gel and prosthesis


Prosthesis and Gel Injection to lips, Increases the risk of infections in the body. As long as there is a permanent prosthetic lip, the risk of infection remains.

Dr. Arash Beiraghi Toosi, specialty of cosmetic and plastic surgery about highlighting the effects of lips said: “There are three methods for highlighting lip, prosthetic, fat injections and gel injections.

In fact prosthesis is an external object to remain permanently on the lips and the probability of its movement is very weak, But the external object may be limited some deviation lip movements, in case of complications, prosthesis infection must object removed.

Gel injection is a temporary method in which the matter “hyaluronic acid” is used and is usually between six months to a year is absorbed. According to a kind of gel, the quality and the possibility of moving the lower lip injections and shot is.

Although fat injection is difficult, but Fewer complications than other methods, In the  fat injection method matter of your body’s fat injections received, 50% is absorbed in the first week, There needs to be injected twice. In this way, other foreign body is not working and will be absorbed in the event of infection.

Prosthesis and gel Injection to lips increases the risk of infections in the body. There is permanent prosthesis until infection remains.

The gel injection should be told if the gel is absorbed during an infection occurs, it will be very dangerous, because the injection is done at different levels, and cannot look like foreign body pulled out it. So other parts of the body may develop an abscess and infection.

During the first few hours after surgery, the patient should avoid the use of cosmetic lip and at least 48 hours after heavy exercise and exposure to intense sunlight refrain.

During the first few hours after surgery, the patient should avoid the use of cosmetic lip and at least 48 hours after heavy exercise and exposure to intense sunlight refrain.

After prosthesis to lips surgery in the body, such as teeth, germs can enter the bloodstream and cause infections in the body.

More plastic surgery is unnecessary and aesthetic aspects, but in some cases people who suffer from cleft lip or edge areas are congenital problems highlights the lips cannot help them.

People avoid massage and manipulate the lips and lip area after surgery and do not exposed to heat and cold.

Dr. Ali Reza Fadaei Naeini doctor, a specialist in plastic surgery is also questions about cosmetic surgery, lip responds.

What materials are used Prosthesis to lips?

Materials used in Prosthesis to lips, briefly divided as follows:

Etolphine: Injectable Materials Made from the self-skin dermis, No allergy risk and the results are temporary, because the body absorbs quickly.

Collagen: the need for sensitivity test prior to injection because extracted from cow tissue and durability about four weeks to three months.

Dermalogen: made from the patient’s skin and have durability more cow’s collagen. This material is heavy and sometimes the patient is forced to take them out again underwent surgery.

What is the method of injection drug?

The use of hyaluronic acid for prosthesis to lips, after sterilization lips and around them exactly using very fine needles, this material is injected under the mucosa and skin and upper lip muscles.

Do techniques other than injection, for highlighting lips there? Yes, look like prosthesis which tapes are used to lips.

Different body tissues can be used to fill lips, including structures such as tendon and some of the tendons of the upper limbs and some Fashya body structures.

There are other surgical procedure during which the surgeon, cut of small area of skin around the lips or inside the mouth, out and it adds to the volume of the lips, but this technique does not give the lips more volume, but lips are some of the highlights out.

What are the risks and complications highlighting lips?

Several studies have shown that highlighting lips with fat for fat grafting is one of the best ways almost permanent, but the highlight should be avoided in this way too, the result creates an unpleasant appearance.

The effects of fat injections can create bumps grain and troughs are noted.

Major complications that can sometimes occur including redness, swelling, itching, or bleeding at the injection site, The movement of prosthesis or out of prosthesis is part of the lip.

However, swelling and bruises in a few days to a week to recover in most cases. Some patients use topical anesthetics such as lidocaine are allergic.

The incidence of allergic reactions allergic to the collagen, collagen injections should be avoided.

Of course there is another possibility of adverse effects, including ulcers, blood coagulation disorders, infection and scar tissue in the lips.

In patients with diabetes, lupus or connective tissue disease, or in patients with severe hypertension and recurrent herpes or herpes infection control or active, do not highlighting the lips

Similarly, wound healing is slower in smokers, the risk of further complications.

What should do patient after the injection?

Swelling of the lips after the injection can be reduced with a cold compress such as ice packs.

You can use moisturizing cream to prevent dry lips after injection.

During the first few hours of operation, the patient should avoid the use of cosmetic lip and at least 48 hours after heavy exercise and exposure to intense sunlight refrain.

If the lips are too small to be distinguished by a plastic surgeon, it is to massage the necessary uniformity achieved.

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