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Rouhani: Large ceremony for Arbaeen indicates Muslims’ unity, solidarity

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)-

President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday said Large crowds of people have moved from different countries to Karbala to celebrate Arbaeen indicates the Muslims’ unity, solidarity and love for Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) Infallible Household.

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari. The meeting was held on the sidelines of a two-day international conference on a World Against Violation and Extremism (WAVE).

President Rouhani said cordial relations between the Iranian and Iraqi nations are the outcome of their religious and cultural affinities.

President Rouhani said that Iraq has currently overcome critical security threats posed by Daesh terrorist group.

He expressed pleasure with liberation of vast Iraqi areas from the grip of Daesh (ISIS) terrorists.

He hoped that entire Iraqi territory will be liberated soon from the terrorists clutch thanks to the bravery of the Iraqi people, government and Army.

Reiterating Iran’s support for Iraq, the President said that the Islamic Republic of Iran ‘considers Iraq’s stability and security as its own security and stability and has so far proved that in practice.’

Meanwhile, the Iraqi minister, for his part, appreciated Iran’s support for Iraq.

Jaafari said Iran played a very positive role in restoration of stability to Iraq and helped Iraqis save their provinces from being taken by the terrorists even before the formation of the so-called US-led coalition against terrorism.

Referring to large crowds of marchers to mark Arbaeen in Iraq, Jaafari said that the ceremony echoes solidarity of the Muslims with the Iraqi government.





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