Russian embassy confirms execution of Russian citizen in Pakistan

SHAFAQNA- The Russian embassy in Islamabad on Sunday confirmed information that Russian citizen Ahlas Ahlak was executed in Pakistan on charges of an assassination attempt on Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf.

The assassination attempt was committed in December 2003. The sentence was pronounced in August 2005. Along with Ahlas Ahlak, three Pakistani citizens – Zourab Ahmed, Goulam Sarvar Bhatti and Rshid Kureshi – were sentenced to death.

According to the Russian embassy, Ahlak’s father, who lives in Pakistan, had met with his son before the execution. His mother, who lives in Russia, has just received a Pakistani visa and was about to leave for Pakistan for the last meeting with her son.

Ahlas Ahlak, 34, came to Pakistan in March, 2001. In spring of 2004, he was arrested on charges of attempted assassination and later on was sentenced to death.

After a recent terrorist attack on a secondary school in Peshawar that had claimed the lives of 148 people Pakistan lifted the moratorium on capital punishment that had been unofficially in force in the country since 2008.


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