Russian,Saudi FMs respond Iranian FM’s letter on nuclear talks

SHAFAQNA – An informed source has said a number of foreign ministers including Saudi Arabia and Russia’s have officially responded to their Iranian counterpart’s letter on the process of nuclear talks.

Less than a month ago Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had briefed his counterparts across the world on the latest developments in nuclear negotiations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the G5+1.

An informed source has disclosed today new dimensions of the impact of Zarif’s letter on the global scene adding “a number of foreign ministers such as the Saudi Arabia and Russia’s have so far responded to the letter. Some other foreign ministries in Eastern Europe and Latin America have issued a public statement in response.

“The corresponding ministers, while welcoming Iran’s initiative, have expressed hope for an agreement on Iran and the six states’ nuclear negotiations, stressing that the agreement can bear great significance for the world as well as the region,” said the informed source.

“The letters by the foreign ministers across the world shows the members of the international community all acknowledge the rightfulness of the Islamic Republic’s positions in nuclear talks, and deem it possible for all sides to achieve a win-win agreement,” he said.

In separate letters sent to various foreign ministers across the world, Zarif had expressed confidence that a comprehensive agreement was ‘imminently within reach.’

He had stressed that a final resolution rested on ‘foresight, political will and recognition of realities’ by the negotiating teams, adding that the common goal was to ‘reach an inclusive long-term agreement that guarantees the peacefulness of Iran’s nuclear program’ and ‘to result in lifting all sanctions imposed by United Nations Security Council.’






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