Ryerson Muslim students tackling misconceptions

SHAFAQNA – The Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association held an event Monday night called “Murder in the Name of Islam.” “Murder is not at all justified in the name of Islam,” says association president Blawal Aleem. “In fact, Islam condemns it in the strongest form.” The event is a follow up to the national Stop the CrISIS campaign against Isis, a political group that Aleem says is trying to hijack Islam. “Because of what’s been going on in the media, what’s been going on in the world regarding ISIS, we felt that a campaign like this… was necessary to bring forth the true peacefulness of Islam,” Aleem says.

The association is also trying to tackle youth radicalization. “A lot of these people were youth,” Aleem says, referring to Canadians who have been radicalized by ISIS. “Youth are naturally vulnerable… A lot of the people who did go over were misguided, troubled individuals.” He says the association is trying to get youth involved in positive events, in helping others instead of wanting to do them harm.

One of the difficulties the association has had is getting non-Muslim students involved in its events. But there was a handful of non-Muslim students at Monday’s event. “A lot of people think it doesn’t affect them, but it very much does,” says Samantha, a Ryerson history student. “Talks like this should be somewhat mandatory.” Samantha listened in on the association’s lecture along with her friend Emma. “I think it’s just really important to be a presence and stand in solidarity with folks who are facing

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