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Sakina From China: wearing Hijab Is Just The Beginning For Me

SHAFAQNA- Sakina, the 29 year old Chinese girl, is from Hui ethnic group. She comes from the North of China. Actually, Hui’s ethnic group is counted as an Islamic group in China but, they are not very familiar with rituals of Islam. However, they are so eager to know more about their ancestral religion and get close to it. The following text is about how Sakina got familiar with hijab and her life changed after being a hijabi girl and practicing the rituals of Islam.

According to rahyafte (the missionaries and converts website): Translated by Mahjobeh Akhavan Aghdam

Be familiar with Hijab

Some years ago, my life was like any other unfaithful and normal person. My eating and drinking was so ordinary with no rules. I was not aware that there are some rules about dressing in Islam. Besides, I was not ashamed of going out without hijab.
Sometimes, I would go out to shop and have fun with one of my Muslim friends. Looking at how she dressed up and wore hijab, although I thought she seemed so weird, I had a lot of respect for her. In fact, my friend wearing hijab, made a human have the sense of beauty and admiration. The 20 year old young girl has never been interested in fashion and make up. In my idea she had her own reasons.
Be close to Hijab
My hijabi friend and I rented a house together and became housemates to decrease the expenses, also I was so curious. Little by little, I understood that the reason of wearing hijab and scarf by my friend is religion, Islam. That attracted me to Islam. Because I wanted to know more about Islam I made friends with more Muslims. Their praying, fasting, kindness, honesty and modesty were so fascinating to me. In addition, they could remain real believer in china a populated and irreligion country. By getting close to my friends’ lives, I could have new information about hiajb and Islamic covering.
Hijab and Salah (Praying)
By the guidances and help of Allah, with the insistence and protections of my brothers and sisters, thank God, I finally realized that Islam is the most complete and the true religion. I decided to become a real Muslim.
While praying, I obliged myself to wear a scarf but, I did not have the courage to wear it outside. Back then my appearance was like other Chinese people. Actually, a scarf was a necessary covering that I used just in salah times.

PowerPoint Presentation

Wearing Scarf
I was spending sehr and iftar times in the Mosque along side other Muslims during Ramadhan of 2014. That made me feel some kind of peace.
One day, in the Mosque near my place, after eating sehr, I was talking to the servant of the Mosque. He told me a sentence about the scarf and hijab that changed my life. His sentence was like a flip that woke me up from a long dream.
“The scarf and hijab is a necessary and required thing for you as a Muslim girl. That is a kind of covering that you need to wear in every place and every time. It has to be with you for protection,” he said. He was quite right. As a Muslim girl, covering my hair and body is a very important task. I must do that.
Since that day, the scarf was counted as one of the important parts of my life. I always care about wearing it every single place.
However, when I went out with the Islamic covering for the first time, I felt very anxious. I was worried about how other people would look at me but, I got totally surprised by their reaction. My colleagues and close friends encouraged and supported me when they noticed I chose the covering due to my beliefs and religion.
My colleagues prepared for me a quiet place to pray. That made me realize that in the way of your belief, if you respect yourself in the first place, finally you can achieve the respect of others as well.
The resulted vision of wearing hijab
After wearing hijab, there was no disorder or big change in my life, except in trains or plane stations or some public places where I was inspected more than other people. Of course, inspectors were on their duties and I accepted their request with a smile. In addition, in a non-Islamic country like China, Muslims get inspected more than others.
While the days went on, I got used to wearing hijab, I felt that my life got more meaningful and found some purposes. My every behaviour and every movement was a symbols of my religion besides my personality. Sometimes I warn myself that as a Muslim, I should not be selfish , in contract, I should respect real Islam by my best behaviours and speeches.
The resulted learnings of wearing hijab
Occasionally, my friends ask me that how is Islam?
In fact, people intend to know more about Islam by asking Muslims than searching media or reading books. That made me increase my knowledge of Quran and how prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h) treated, in order to, be able to answer the questions in the best way I can.
Thanks Allah, that gave me the opportunity to regain my forgotten beliefs. I feel I got closer to Allah by choosing hijab. I decided to do and learn a lot of things in the way of Islam. In fact, wearing hijab is just the beginning for me. There is the long way to go. I try to become a real Muslim, InShaAllah.

Translated by: Mahjobeh Akhavan Aghdam

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