Salafi extremist slams unity in between Sunnis and Shia in Bahrain


SHAFAQNA - An extremist Sunni cleric lashed out at the unified prayer between the Sunnis and Shiites that the the Bahrain Foundation for Reconciliation and Civil Discourse called for holding in Al-Kabir (Grand) Mosque in Bahrain’s A’ali on Friday.

The Sunni cleric who was a former member of parliament representing the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Mohammed Khalid, said: “Bahrain does not need a unified prayer but needs the implementation of God’s judgments against the heads of sedition and Safavid terrorism.”

For his part, the former colonel in the Bahrain Defence Force, Mohammed Al-Zayani, commented by saying: “I will not pray behind a Shiite Imam.abna24.

Stop being heedless to the doctrine.” He went on to say on his Twitter account: “Praying behind Khalaf Al-Saedi, Mohammed Khalid and Mohammed AL-Zayani is allowed.

It is, however, prohibited to pray behind Al-Marzooq, Majeed Milad or Sheikh Isa Qassim.” “This is our Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) and we are not ashamed of it,” he further stressed.


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