What did Salman (RA) say about Imam Ali (AS)?

SHAFAQNA – Salman Farsi (RA) used to repeat this saying of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) a lot: Truly, Ali (AS) is a door which Allah (SWT) has opened; whoever enters through this door is a believer, and whoever does not is a disbeliever [1]. After the Prophet (PBUH) passed away, and the Caliphate was taken away from Imam Ali (AS), Salman (RA) in a scathing and revealing sermon said: O’ people, whenever you see mischief and disturbances like dark patches of the night appear and the distinguished ones are perished in it, it is your duty to come and support the family of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH); because they are the guides towards paradise, and it is your duty to help Imam Ali (AS). O’ people, place Welayah among yourselves on top (place Welayah on top of your agenda in your societies) [2]. Ibn Abbas (RA) saw Salman (RA) in his sleep and asked him: In paradise, what is much more superior after believing in God and the Prophet (PBUH)? Salman (RA) replied: After believing in Allah (SWT) and the Prophet (PBUH), nothing is more valuable and superior than the friendship and Welayah of Imam Ali ibn Abitaleb (AS) and following him [3]; because the best of this Ummah (Prophet’s (PBUH) Ummah) is Imam Ali (AS) [4].

[1] The book of Salim ibn Qais, Page 251.

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