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Satan and the believer

SHAFAQNA – If a hungry dog comes to you and if you have meat or bread with you, does it go away if you tell it go away? Even if you raise a wood to frighten it, it has no use and it will not go away; but if you have no food with you, with the strong sense of smell, the dog will realise you have nothing with you and by saying go away, it will move away. Your heart is also a bait for Satan; (Satan) looks at your heart, if sees provisions like, love for material things, gold and jewels, fame, position, jealousy, etc., then says: What a good place, and will concentrate there. Even if you repeat 100000 times “I seek refuge in God” will not take notice; because this enemy is very obstinate. Yes, if you take away the provisions, then (Satan) sees this is not a place to stay and by saying “I seek refuge in God” once, will escape [1].

[1] Tosiyehayee az Shahide Mehrab, Ayatollah Dastqaib, Porseman 15.

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