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Why Satan loves doubt?


SHAFAQNA – The late Sheikh Kolayni (RA) narrated from Hassan ibn Nadhr: When I entered the house of Imam Hassan Askari (AS), I saw a black person who was standing and he told me: Are you Hassan ibn Nadhr? I replied: Yes. He said: Come inside. I entered the house and then saw a room with curtains hanging on the door. I heard a sound from the room which said: O’ Hassan ibn Nadhr, be thankful and praise God for all the blessings granted to you, and never have doubt because Satan loves you to be in doubt [1].  As Hassan ibn Nadhr and some other Shias became doubtful about the issue of deputies (of Imam (AS)) and other issues; and as the issue of Imamate and leadership of the society which is part of the belief, doubt causes the corruption of the religion; Imam Hassan Askari (AS) warned him about having doubt.

[1] Kafi, Vol. 1, Page 518, Hadith 4.

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