Satan misleads human beings and directs them to the hellfire

SHAFAQNA – We should not deceive ourselves and think that we are in a good situation. One of the biggest problems is that Satan sometimes misleads human beings and directs them to the hellfire. If a person thinks that with all these sins, on the Day of Judgment Hazrat Zahra (SA) will come to help is a trick by Satan. Some say: We are sunk in sins but we have one Hussain (AS) who will help us, this is a lie. Intercession in the hereafter is a reality and a great blessing, we all need intercession on the Day of Judgment but our deeds must match the deeds of Ahlul Bait (AS) and we must be like them, in that case they will be able to have their intercession.

Translated from a part of speech by Ayatollah Mazaheri in Farsi

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