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Saudi : 40 citizens of Qatif in prison my face punishment of beheaded

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Saudi “Middle” newspaper said in Dammam (east of the country) that 40 citizens in Qatif city jail, facing sentences of  “end the punishment (penalty) by the sword.” The newspaper said in a report published today, Report said that these detainees and some of them very young accused of various crimes including the murder of others for personal differences, in addition to a variety of criminal offenses, Newspaper arguing that the number of these detainees are big comparing to the size of the population of this city.

It is known that Qatif population about 530 thousand people, the vast majority of them Shia community, and some activists say they did not gain a large share of development projects “due to sectarian discrimination.”
With the Arab Spring broke out in the early 2011’s,  streets of “Qatif” witnessed in addition to Awwamiyya also Shia majority, demonstrations and marches in anti-government and demanding political and rejecting sectarian discrimination reform than security used repression which resulted in the killing of some of the participants in These demonstrations, in addition to the arrest of dozens of people.
Saudi authorities have carried out executions in 87 people in 2014, most of them convicted of drug smuggling, while executed 12 people since the beginning of this year.

Source Image : Bahrain Alyoum

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