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Saudi : Mufti Al-Sheikh attacks the media «local» for fear of reducing the role of the religious establishment

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – observers Surprised statement of Saudi Mufti attacking channel and paper media at the time when Saudi Arabia controls most of the Arab media, either directly or through its allies and media tools.They asked any stations Mufti he means ?

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh Mufti of Saudi Arabia , said that there are those who seek to sow discord between the scholars and the leadership and the people.Al-Sheikh accused some satellite channels that the owners kept their channels to verbally abused this country, religion and ideology. they do not want, but the evil, calling not to listen to their ideas and their calls.

Some said that the Mufti wanted to refer to political opponents and they harm the regime. while others felt that in order to warn of the programs at local stations controlled by the princes want to reduce the role of the religious establishment in the state and its organs.

Some of the sites pro-Ministry of Interior, Call Minister of new media to take positions against certain channels broadcast from abroad, and web sites to be black .

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