Saudi security forces beat women .. and then destroyed their home

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Saudi security men assaulted by beating on a group of women from one family.Security police have forced women to evacuate two adjacent houses , they were living in Alosagh village (250 north of Jeddah) and then they demolished they two houses using bulldozers on 16 December.

Security forces claimed that women built the two houses on the land is not owned by them. It was interesting this time the use of violence to women is clear from the images that are widely published on the networking sites. one old age women was withdrawn by force with others in front of the houses, who were trying to protect them from the bulldozers. Its known the coastal area, which stretches north from Jeddah to Jizan in the south over a length of 700 kilometers widespread poverty among the population and the neglect of the Saudi government to them.

Saudi Arabia people are suffering because of the extensive corruption in the members of the royal family , who number about ten thousand people, and official figures say that about 80 percent of the citizens do not have housing, and living in apartments or rented houses.

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