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Saudi women call for help on social media – end to male hegemony

SHAFAQNA – The Saudi women who need their fathers, husbands and brothers’ permission to benefit their legal rights of working, studying and traveling, are now using social media in a bid to end males’ rule over their life.

The Saudi women have created  #سعودیات_نطالب_باسقاط_الولایة ( ) to emphasize that the government should hear the women’s voice and respect their rights, adding that the progress of any society is evaluated by the situation of women.

They have also reminded the Saudi rulers of regional women’s freedom to do whatever the Saudi females are banned.

On the opposite side, the make opponents of the demand insist the necessity for respecting Saudi Arabia’s laws, claiming, “Can you demand the prayers and fasting to end? Men’s rule over women is God’s decree!”

Over 26,000 people have trended the #سعودیات_نطالب_باسقاط_الولایة on their twitter pages so far.

Women in Saudi Arabia are deprived of even the most basic rights; for instance, Saudi Arabia is the only world state in which women are not entitled to the right to drive a car.

This is while the Saudi government media are attempting to conceal the realities about women’s situation by releasing reports about the progress they have made in different fields.

The Saudi paper ‘Sabaq’ claimed that the Saudi women have made so much progress in training, medical and other scientific fields that the country’s prospects of development for 2030 has been drawn based on women’s partnership.

Faced with such unreal images of their situation, the Saudi women are now trying to restore their basic civil rights as studying, working and traveling without the need for prior permission from their husbands, fathers and brothers

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