#SaveALifeInYemen – Mona Relief Org calls for donors to step up

SHAFAQNA – Dr Riaz Karim, the co-founder of the Mona Relief Organization published a new video this week in coordination with Veritas-Consulting calling for new donors and sponsors to step up their efforts in Yemen.

Yemen is disappearing … Yemen today stands quite literally on the verge of annihilation for greater powers imagined they could impose their will onto a people – redacting their history, their faith, and their pride.

If Yemenis have resisted a beautiful and brave Resistance, it cannot hope to win this battle on its own.

Remember the cry which long ago was shouted out from Karbala: Will anyone come to our aid?

Will anyone indeed?!

Tyranny and oppression are as old as time itself … still we play deaf to the calls of our martyrs.

Yemen needs not to become another tragedy. Yemen needs not to become our great shame!

Yemen could be all of our salvation if only we care to hear its call.

And while you may not see in Yemen a brother in faith, or a comrade in arms, see then a brother in humanity, recognise the yearning of a people to breathe free and stand tall.

Tyranny is only made powerful by our silence. Let us now speak up! Let us speak for all the time we should have but dared not.




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