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#SaveALifeInYemen trails ahead – Humanitarians on a mission

SHAFAQNA – If Saudi Arabia and its war coalition have made clear they will stop at nothing to see Yemen kneel before the might of Riyadh, a growing network of “humanitarian fighters”, those unsung heroes of the Yemeni Resistance are defying War with a passion.

Armed only with their courage and compassion the Mona Relief Organization’s volunteers have successfully brought aid relief to 2 million people.

The Mona Relief Organization is an independent NGO operating in Yemen. Independent means management has systematically refused to be absorbed within Saudi Arabia’s financial gravitational pull. Why you may ask? Because Saudi help comes with strings attached. Because Saudi Arabia’s humanitarian paradigm commands sectarian profiling.

The Mona Relief Organization will continue to reject hatred, as well as all, and any form of exclusion.

The Mona Relief Organization stands of life … help us bring Yemen back to life!

Donate generously. You, our public, are our lifeline.


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