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Sayyed Jawad Al-Khoei Meets Pope Francis on the Occasion of the Seminar “Violence in the Name of Religion”

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SHAFAQNA – Sayyed Jawad Al-Khoei, the head secratary of the Dar al-Ilm institution of Grand Ayatullah Khoei in Najaf and also the founding member of the Council for Interreligious Dialogue from Iraq, participated in an intellectual seminar entitled “Violence in the name of religion” in Rome, organized by the British Institute of Wilton Park in cooperation with the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue in the Vatican, in the presence of scientific, intellectual and academic elite from Arab, Islamic, European and American countries.

Mr. Al-Khoei emphasized the role of the sholarly Hawza in Najaf and the religious authority to spread tolerance, moderation and temperance, and also to focus on social justice, citizenship, human rights and human dignity, regardless of religion and sect and ethnicity, and taking stance against the exploitation of religion and sanctities in political conflicts, and also the need to refine the curricula of sectarian and exclusionary statements, and criminalize the media that call for extremism and violence and the exploitation of religion for it.

Al-Khoei added that on this occasion, he met with His Holiness Pope Francis, as well as visiting to the Pontifical University of Urbaina (URBANIANA) of the Vatican.


Source: Non News Agency

Translation: SHAFAQNA

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