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“Science-Religion Relation in View of Quran and Islam” Discussed in Malaysia


According to the website of the center, the program was organized by the Family Section of the cultural center for a number of Iranian women residing in Malaysia.

The participants discussed the relation between science and religion, the perfectness of religion, and the wisdom and the scientific secrets in Divine rules and injunctions.

The Islamic laws and their scientific basis, the impact of the water used for Wudu (partial ablution) on human body, and Hijab and its relation with social health were the other themes of the program.

Some of the written works on Islamic ethics such as “Mi’raj Al-Sa’adah” by Mulla Ahmad Naraqi, “The First University and The Last Prophet” by Martyr Paknezhad, “The Secret of Creation” by Martyr Bahonar, “Seyr wa Soluk” (spiritual wayfaring) by Mirza Javad Tabrizi, etc. were also introduced in the session.

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