Scottish Police to Add Hijab Uniform under Diversity Plan

SHAFAQNA – Police Scotland is to introduce a hijab to its uniform in an effort to attract more Muslim women to a force which is failing to reflect the diversity in the country’s population.

Currently, only 1 percent of Scotland’s police officers come from a black or minority background, compared with 4 percent of the general population.

Ethnic minority communities account for higher percentages in Scottish cities, such as Glasgow (12 percent), Edinburgh and Aberdeen (8 percent).

The “sourced and tested” hijab was announced by the Scottish Police Authority at a public meeting in Glasgow this week as part of their Work Force Diversity Strategy, aiming to encourage “people from under-represented groups to consider policing as a career.”

“This prototype will now be presented to the Uniform Standards Working Group for their consideration,” the police document states.

Peter Blair, head of resource management at Police Scotland, said the move aims to tackle “unnecessary barriers” affecting recruitment and hoped to replicate good practice seen among other police bodies around the world, the Scotsman reports.

Currently, female officers wishing to wear a headscarf have to seek permission from their line manager, who will most likely be a white male in an organization where only one fifth of promoted posts are filled by women.

Of the 17,000 Police Scotland officers, only 175 identify as black, Asian or minority. Wionly 127 (2.6 percent) of applicants last year from non-white ethnic backgrounds, the force will need to recruit 650 to better reflect diversity in the country’s population.

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