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Sectarian hatred can never be justified – otherwise we become the evil we see in our enemies

SHAFAQNA EDITORIAL – Today I was sent a link to a video published by MEMRI featuring scenes from an Egyptian candid camera series.

The show, includes clips of Egyptian celebrities being told they are appearing on an Israeli channel – not all reactions were dignified.

Now, Egyptians have a complicated history with Israel since wars, mistrust and enmity have pretty much defined how they view one another, and interact with each other. While Egypt as a state has made peace with its neighbor, Egyptians continue to harbor much antipathy towards Israelis – and vice versa!

Israel has too of course been proven guilty many times over of despicable segratative policies, human rights abuses, and torture against Palestinians, and those they perceive as lesser.

While one can understand national antipathies based on divergent political currents and geopolitical tensions, sectarian hatred, ethno-centrism and downright racism are values we all should work to eradicate completely.

There can never be any justification for sectarianism, least of which the premise that the “other” is doing much worse. We cannot become the very evil we abhor in our enemies on account ours is rooted in self-proclaimed righteousness.

We cannot answer evil, with the same hateful passion … instead we ought to follow the calls of our blessed Imams and reply with which is better.

Restraint, reason, rationalism and respect for God’s commands should always be what we hold on to, otherwise, we will become the thing we hate most – we will be no better than those we despise.

Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein, and whoever recommends and helps an evil cause shares in its burden.” Qur’an – Chapter 4, Verse 85

We ought to remember those links which unite us, and renounce senseless hatred, as it is evil’s nature to pervert all things.

And though Zionism remains a fascist ideology which absolutely requires to be denounced, we should not equate Judaism to Zionism, since by doing so we would allow for others to align Islam, with the despicable claims made by Wahhabi radicals.

Jews are the people of the Book, Judaism and Christianity we have been told and taught in the Scriptures are to be respected and protected. Let us not deny our covenant with God on account hatred is easier to wield. Forgiveness, mercy and restrain are the qualities of the pious – Islam said Imam Hussain, is the religion of the middle; meaning the religion of fairness, and measure.

Islam stands a light above the pettiness of men, let us not defile our faith with mindless hatred. Let us learn to call our enemies by their name, so that we could defeat them without losing ourselves along the way.

Let us remember the examples of Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain, let us remember the sacrifices Imam Ali endured quietly as his rule was denied not once but three times! He did not rebel, he did not battle, he did oppose in anger … rather he waited and endured for his ambition was not for power but to be in God’s service.

And if we cannot honor our prophet’s progeny, if we cannot remember in our actions the blessings left by AhlulBayt, how can we claim ourselves of their followers.

We should face to our mistakes and correct them. We ought to do better … Islam showed us a better way, let’s remind ourselves of it.


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