Seeking protection in Allah (S.w.T.)’s obedience

SHAFAQNA – The deity of the sinners and Allah (S.w.T.)’s disobedient persons is always Satan. Such persons might curse Satan a thousand times to make a hypocritical show to others. To put the matter in more precise words, such persons outwardly say audhu billahi min ash-shaitanir rajeem (I seek refuge with Allah from the cursed shaytan) but their character is such that they make false allegations against others, use abusive language, trifle with the self-respect of others and reveal others’ confidences. Such persons don’t refrain from committing any minor or major sin and all the same utter the words of Isti’adha! In practice their Isti’adha becomes ‘audhu bish-shaitan min ar-Rahman, that would mean seeking protection of Satan to escape from Allah (S.w.T.) (na’udhu billah!!). On the lips of such persons are the words that in obedience to Allah (S.w.T.) they are seeking His protection, but their actions are all contrary to His Commandments. When the curtains of ignorance are raised from the hearts of such persons, they realize that all the time it was Satan who prompted them to utter the words audhu billah to ridicule their weak faith!

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