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Seminar Discusses Muhammad Abduh’s Approach to Quran Interpretation

SHAFAQNA- A seminar was held in the Egyptian capital of Cairo to investigate the method and approach adopted by 19th-century Egyptian scholar Muhammad Abduh to interpret the Quran.

It was held on Monday, February 9, on the sidelines of the 46th Cairo International Book Fair, Sadi al-Balad website reported.

Addressing the seminar, Salim al-Sakri, an al-Azhar University Quranic sciences expert, discussed different Quran interpretations written by Abduh.

He said Tafsir (Quran interpretation) should be done based on principles and fundamental rules not based on one’s own understanding and views.

Al-Sakri also said Abduh was a Muslim committed to religious moderation.

Muhammad Abduh (1849 –1905) was an Islamic jurist, religious scholar and reformer.

This year’s international book fair in Cairo was opened on February 9 and will run until February 12.

840 publishers from 26 countries are taking part in the cultural event.

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