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Seminar in fourth anniversary Bahrain revolution with participation of US Rep. “Jim McGovern.

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – US organization for democracy and human rights in Bahrain; organizes a seminar on afternoon of Wednesday (February 11, 2015) in the US Capitol, in coordination with the “Human Rights First”, and under the auspices of Republican Rep. “Jim McGovern.”Rep. McGovern opened the symposium to provide a summary of the situation in Bahrain, and then said sarcastically that “while people are detained in Bahrain because of their criticism of the government; the ambassador sees fair game”, and stressed the need for “the need for a new strategy to bring human rights and reform in Bahrain.”

Lawyer Mohammed, during the symposium, said that “democracy will remain elusive in Bahrain when no change in Saudi Arabia.”Referring to the recent decision of the authorities to drop the Bahraini citizenship of 72 people; Mohammed said , “This decision is a result of the change in the form Nationality Act, which gives the Interior Ministry broad powers to strip up the nationality of opponents.”Mohamed pointed out that one of the scholar “Salafis” was released yesterday with a fine, while Nabeel Rajab, spent five weeks in prison before his trial.Mohamed explained that Al-Khalifa courts sentenced a total of 11,000 during the past year, including three life sentences. He said the trader authorities’ decision to shut down the channel Arabs, Saudi Arabia, evidence that the Bahraini government is not about to “achieve reforms.”


But Brian International Organization of Human Rights First  said  “the Shias in the integration of the security forces is a way to improve the situation in Bahrain.”There were also other post of researcher “Istaki Strobe” prepared a study on “The police in Bahrain” forces.Istaki Brian shared an opinion saying that “any change in the behavior of the police is reflected on the ground”, said that the starting point of the path of reform.Strobe added that “police reform can build the country’s capacity and institutional in the field of human rights”, and stressed that the United States should “urges the government of Bahrain to recognize police abuses that occurred previously.”, Noting that “a little bit of pressure by the administration and the US media can achieve reform in Bahrain. “

The seminar concluded with, ask questions of the audience who filled by the conference hall, was answered by members of the seminar.This seminar comes part of a busy program organized by the Organization of Americans for Democracy on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the outbreak of the fourteenth of February Revolution in Bahrain solutions.

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