Senior Egyptian Quranic Figure Dies



Sheih Muhammad Abdul Wahab Tantawi, one of Egypt’s most prominent Quran reciters and memorizers, died on Wednesday.

Born in 1947 in a village in the North African country’s Dakahlia governorate, Tantawi began learning the Quran at an early age.

He managed to learn the entire Quran by heart at the age of 10, making his father’s wish that become a memorizer of the Quran come true.

He also worked heart to learn Quran recitation while a school student but became a professional Qari only after entering al-Azhar University.

His main teacher was renowned Qari Sheikh Sulhi Mahoumd who taught him the skills of Quran recitation.

Tantawi travelled to many countries, including Iran, for reciting the Quran, and once described how warmly Iranians received him as indescribable.

His Quran recitation was remarkable and he had many fans who liked his recitation style.

He passed away at the age of 70 after years of serving the Holy Quran.


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