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Severe torments for uncontrolled tongues

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: God punishes the tongue like no other parts of the body. So, the tongue will say: O’ God, You gave me torments like no other things, and in its reply, it will be said: Words have come out of you which reached the east and the west of the earth, and due to them, blood was spilled unjustly, wealth and assets were robbed, and others violated [1]. In this connection, Imam Ali (AS) said: As long as you have not spoken, the words are your prisoner, but when you speak, you will be the prisoner; therefore, as you store your gold and silver in a safe, store your tongue in the safe of your mouth [2]. It is also mentioned in Hadith Meraj: O’ Ahmad, remain silent, because the best of the places is the hearts of the pious and those who are silent, and the worst of the places is the hearts of those who talk nonsense [3].

[1] Mizanul Hekmah, Vol. 11, Hadith 18226.
[2] As above, Hadith 17888.
[3] As above, Hadith 17877.

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