Seyyed Hashem Saffi el Din : KSA military strategy in Yemen has failed.

SHAFAQNA –  Seyyed Hashem Saffi el Din, head of Hezbollah executive council, referred to the fright of the Zionist regime from the resistance stressing,” Crimes committed against the oppressed Yemeni nation is a big shame for claimants of defending human rights. He added,” Our issue with those who oppose the resistance is that they are in pursuit of dominance and we oppose them because it is our mission to carry out our duty.”

He hailed the victory of resistance against the Zionist regime and said,” Just like years 200 and 2006, when we beat the Zionists, now resistance saying that the resistance is ready to confront all plots and intrigues led by the US and Zionist regime.”

Head of Hezbollah executive council stressed renewal of the allegiance with resistance and recognizance to defend their land, Lebanon, promising the realization of the objective with the help of God Almighty.

Lebanese cleric noted,” It is our duty to defend our nation and to stand up for the oppressed countries; hence, we will stand by the oppressed Yemeni nation.” adding,” Crimes committed against the oppressed Yemeni nation is a shame for the claimants of human rights.”

Source : shiitenews

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