SHAFAQNA EXCLUSIVE – Yemen International Conference in Support of the People of Yemen held in London


SHAFAQNA – Organized by Stop The War, Sheba for Democracy and Human Rights and several other prominent NGOs, Yemen International Conference in Support of the People of Yemen kicked off this Saturday (August 20, 2015) at the Pullman Hotel in central London.

Over the span of two days – Saturday and Sunday – panellists will expose the extent of Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations against Yemen, as well as denounce world powers’ pandemic silent.

In exclusive comments to Shafaqna Dr Riaz Karim, Director of the Mona Relief Organization, noted: “Yemen remains the forgotten conflict of your generation, an open wound onto the world community since we have allowed for grand criminals of war to abuse an entire people in the name of imperialism, and sectarianism.”

A speaker at the conference Dr Riaz Karim delivered the audience a powerful video presentation, which Catherine Shakdam, Director of Programs for the Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies produced and executed for the occasion.

Sitting in the audience were several prominent members of the human rights, and media community: Massoud Shedjerah, Director of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, the Bahrain Mirror, former Bahraini MP Jawad Fairouz, Kim Sharif, Director of the Human Rights for Yemen, and many others.

Speaking on the subject of resistance, and peace building Chair of the Stop the War Coalition, Andrew Murray stressed that “any solution to Yemen’s conflict will have to come from and through the inclusion of all parties.” He also spoke on the many lessons which can be learnt from Ireland’s experience in forging its own political future.

Murray further added in his address: “We don’t see Yemeni children being pulled out of the rubbles. If we were, we should remember that it probable because of a British-made bomb. We need to admit to the role played by the British military. We are sending British-made planes, to drop British-made bombs on civilians.”

Member of Parliament Francie Malloy, from the Scottish National Party also noted: “None should be left out from negotiations. We need to bring all the people to the table to find a solution.”

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna





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