Shafaqna Exclusive – Yemen’s first Shia Twelver political party and NGO fight hunger in North Yemen

SHAFAQNA – Founded by Seyed Hassan Ali al-Emad The Future of Justice party and its affiliated NGO have been instrumental in offering aid relief to those communities most affected by war.

Founded around the principle that all people in their humanity if in fact they are brothers in faith, The Future of Justice has opened its doors, and its programs to all people – regardless of their religious background or former political affiliations, so that, together, Yemen could be rebuilt.

Earlier this month the NGO distributed food parcels and medical kits to hundreds of families in the province of Hodeidah – west coast of Yemen, an area that has seen a dramatic spike in famine and cholera cases.

One of the most destitutes of Yemen’s provinces Hodeidah has suffered the brunt of Saudi Arabia’s war by the sheer intensity of the destruction.

Hundreds of thousands now stand to die from hunger or diseases – mainly cholera since the province water system and supply were either destroyed by airstrikes or polluted by chemical agents.

In a couple of weeks The Future of Justice will launch a wells rehabilitation program to provide clean drinking water to communities and thus help stop the advances of cholera.

“Because of the humanitarian blockade and a shortage in donations due to public and media disinterest over Yemen’s plight we have found ourselves facing a horrible dilemma: to feed the starved or to heal the sick.

This is how bad it has gotten. Do we combat famine or do we stop the cholera outbreak? Because right now we cannot do both,” said Seyed Hassan Ali al-Emad in exclusive comments to Shafaqna.

“What is most saddening is that this situation can be remedied quite quickly should the humanitarian blockade be lifted. Yemenis need not die the way they do in the numbers that they do. This is quite frankly on us!” he added.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

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