Shafaqna Speaks on Syria

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SHAFAQNA – Pentagon officials have finally admitted that a March airstrike in northern Syria did in fact hit a mosque, killing dozens of people. Catherine Shakdam, director of Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies, believes that Washington’s admission to its guilt is not enough, adding that it should bear the consequences of such a war crime.

“We tend to forget lots of the time that those are not the only crimes that America has committed in Syria and in other places in the world and nothing ever happened. It is one thing to admit to guilt, it is another to actually face the consequences of such actions and answer them in court,” the analyst told Press TV in an interview on Friday.

She also stated that the reason why the United States is admitting to the fact that there has been a terrible war crime committed against the Syrian people is because it is losing ground in the conflict in Syria.

Therefore, she said, Washington’s admission to bombing a mosque in Syria is a “PR move” and a “pathetic attempt” to try to reinvent itself as a responsible power.

“It [Washington] understands that now it needs to somehow salvage its image and to try to pretend or at least portray itself as if it is actually fighting for good and trying to resolve the issue in Syria because again they are trying to frame this war as if it is a legitimate war against terrorism,” the analyst stated.

Shakdam said people need to wake up and realize that what has been told about Syria in the Western media has been a “lie” and that Damascus is not “the demon of the story”, but rather those who claim to try to fight terrorism are.

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