Trump’s victory put forward the unified European army: Iranian Deputy Foreign Secretary, Dr Takhte Ravanchi

SHAFAQNA – In his exclusive interview with SHAFAQNA, Iranian Deputy Foreign Secretary, Dr Majid Takhte Ravanchi analysed topics such as the effects of recent elections in the USA on international relations and distribution of power, ways of administering the nuclear agreement between Iran and 5+1 countries, relations between Iran and Europe, ways of reducing tensions in the Middle East, the effects of recent Iranian presidential elections on the world’s opinion. Some parts of this interview are translated from Farsi into English.

Question: After the elections in the USA, some changes have taken place in the world especially in the Middle East which some consider them to be connected with the elections. What types of international changes will take place as a result of Trump’s election, and considering the 0 to 100 types of relations between the USA and the countries in the Middle East, is it possible a change to occur in the EU regarding the international relations?

Dr Ravanchi: The elections in the USA attracted attentions of the world for the reason that during the election campaigns, issues were raised which were not presented this way before, some lines were crossed which prior to the last elections had never been crossed. This issue drew people’s attention in the USA or other places, and everybody was wondering in what way the elections progress. And maybe the accusations by the candidates against each other and the type of words used in the elections; all of these had not been used before like the way used (in the last elections).

Mr Trump’s victory was not foreseen by many in the USA and some countries outside, and there was this worry in other countries particularly in Europe that what would happen when Trump gains power? And the reason for these types of worries was what had been said by Trump during his election campaign. One of the issues which were important for Europe was the idea of the unified European army, and it seems that it will take years for it to happen. This idea was mentioned many years ago but since Trump gained the power, the Europeans are thinking about it more seriously. Especially after what Trump said about NATO, some European countries came to the conclusion that, they must think about themselves and cannot entrust their defence and security with forces outside Europe.

Question: Before (Iranian presidential) elections, you said that the relation between and Europe has gone further than normal. And after the elections, the same government which negotiated with Europe and reached the nuclear agreement stayed in power. Will this continuation lead to higher levels of relation with Europe, and investment, and even security treaties?

Dr Ravanchi: It can be said with certainty that both Iran and Europe are eager to develop their relation in various fields. Of course it is natural that the whole of Europe do not have the same outlook to this issue and my saying is in general terms and this is the dominant situation in Europe. Our negotiations with Europe are further than the economy. In our current discussions for cooperation various issues are dealt with; such as stability of the region, fighting terrorism, Islamophobia; and all of these are elements of the package which form our relation with Europe and will determine the route (for negotiations).


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