She, Fatimah bint Muhammad is alive forever!


SHAFAQNA – Few women have been hailed under such esteem that their names were risen near that of prophets, and their stories inscribed in the pages of the Quran so that those who wish to learn wisdom would recognise the grace of such characters … Only four women were ever spoken into the Quran – their piety forever enshrined as purified, together true and transcendent.

Fatimah bint Muhammad, the daughter of the last prophet of God was one of them. Alongside Miryam – mother of Issa, Assiyah – wife of Pharoah, and Khadijah – Mother of all believers, Lady Fatimah bint Muhammad forever stands a testimony of grace, piety, valour, pious restraint and resilience. Words in fact fail to describe the nature of her character since she was the feminine embodiment of Islam – a sign for those who wish to see, a voice for those who seek guidance, and a model for those who long for perfection.

Although much ink has been spent in her name, words ring hollow before her nobility and grace. There will never be any turn of phrase that could ever capture the essence of her faith, since she was faith perfected by the Grace of God.

A lady among all ladies, she was light and purity, together hope and strength, patience and compassion …. her faith and knowledge were such, that today still her name is whispered in utmost adoration.

She, who was her father’s daughter … she, who, was robbed from her kin for a group of men thought themselves more righteous than the people of the cloak.

She, who never offended was martyred for she refused to relent in her faith and speak untruths, when Truth had been made apparent.

She, who never spoke words of rebellion, was struck in rebellion by those parties who claimed that station which they had no claim over.

She, Fatimah the Resplendent One, was just twenty-nine years old when she was martyred.

And so we remember … and so we mourn until such a time when light will be restored and the son of Fatimah bint Muhammad returned. Maybe then that which was broken will be made whole, and that which parties attempted to splinter returned to form.

Was it not the Holy Prophet who said: “Whoever injures (bodily or sentimentally) Fatima, injures me; and whoever injures me injures Allah; and whoever injures Allah practices unbelief. O Fatima! If your wrath is incurred, it incurs the wrath of Allah; and if you are happy, it makes Allah happy too.”

She, Fatimah bint Muhammad is alive forever!


By Catherine Shakdam – Director of the Shafaqna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies

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