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Sheikh Ali Salman’s Lawyer Says Court Prevented him from Presenting Evidence of his Innocence

SHAFAQNA – Jalila Al-Sayed, member of Al-Wefaq Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Salman’s defense panel, stated on Thursday (April 23, 2015) that the court refused the panel’s request to show videos containing recordings of the speeches of which the charges against Salman were based on, including charges of using violence. During a press conference at Al-Wefaq Society’s headquarters, Al Sayed added that “the prosecution’s evidence incriminating Salman is our same evidence that proves his innocence,” pointing out that “the court’s measures came short of our client’s right to defense and fair trial by not allowing Salman to present proof of his innocence.” Al-Sayed also stated that Democratic Progressive Tribune Secretary-General Abdulnabi Salman told the court: “We are secularists. If we had even little doubt that Sheikh Ali Salman wants the establishment of a religious state, we wouldn’t have worked with him.”

Al-Sayed also highlighted that the rejection of all the requests made by the defense panel is an indication that the court will issue a sentence soon against the opposition leader, noting that it will most likely be announced in mid-June 2015.

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