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Sheikh Isa Qasim : Bahrain needs dialogue to end political crisis

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Ayah Allah Sheikh Isa Qasim and Sayed Abdullah issued press release on occasion of fourth year of Bahrain revolution saying : It is unfortunate that Bahrain live accumulated problems with expanding and increasing severity and breadth on long time, and the main cause is the political crisis that difficult to solve, but not because its difficult , its because regime has no will in reform that is urgent and necessary to change and to save the country and rid it of all the crises that beset them and worry their children, and threaten the structure.The situation in Bahrain and the crisis does not reach the conclusion reached in the countries of the Arab movement , which took the terrifying images of rupture and terrorism and fighting from both sides of the opposition and the government.

The solution to the problem of this country is not adverse away or if there had been the will of reform in the regime. Conflict in Bahrain is not at the origin of power and its transition from actual hand to hand alternative, and bring the absolute dominance of the dominance of the other place. Demand of the people in general, the demand of reformist movement and people from total neglect of their will in political affairs, and the formulation of its present, and draw their own destiny to participation which give them an acceptable degree from the representative regarding their life and their homeland, security and adversely affect or positively on their interests without people ask to the demand of overthrowing or seizure, exclusion and coup situation.

What was the movement of people starting or continuing on wishes but a necessity. Here is the movement of up to exactly its fourth year and the situation is only increasingly ill and deteriorated until citizen threatened at any moment the loss of nationality and to withdraw recognition of the right of citizenship which is situ rights, and unjustly.

While the countries of the Arab countries, the movement of heavy blood that flowed from the parties to the conflict they are looking for a solution to their conflict through dialogue, Bahrain, on the contrary, we find where the regime shut all the doors of dialogue, and cancel all chances. Our word is still that there is a way out for the country to safety beach of authority terrorism and people violence, and all of that but it is a crisis and poor situation and the loss of the homeland, and  no a solution, but in the reform, and reform alone is not against it, nor its opposite.

In conclusion, it should be emphasized that the fourteenth of February or the other is not right to take the shift from peaceful to violent to burn nation.

Authority exercised excessive violence on an ongoing basis and the opposition in nature and broad line at the level of their people and their symbols have committed themselves as peaceful, and should not depart from this method.


We ask God Almighty tenderness save this nation and all the homelands of this nation from the evil temptations.

Praise be to Allah, Allah bless our Prophet and A’al taheeren .

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