Sheikh Mahir Abdul Razaq : Confrontation with Zionists, Takfiris, top Muslim world priority

SHAFAQNA –  Sheikh Mahir Abdul Razaq, Head of Lebanon’s Reform and Unity Movement, demanded immediate stop of the invasions against Yemen saying Yemeni nation should have liberty over their own lives.

He highlighted importance of preventing any foreign intervention in the Arab country and counted confrontation with the Zionist regime of Israel and Takfiri groups as number one priority in the world of Islam.

Stressing the importance of Islamic unity, Lebanese cleric noted that cooperation and harmony among the members of the Muslim world to confront the coming challenges can solve many problems.
Sunni cleric also urged for alleviation of the situation within Lebanon and said,” Supporting the talks between Lebanese groups is a necessity and other national dialogues, which are quite vital for unifying the views, have to be started.”

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