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Sheikh Saeed Hafez, Egyptian Quranic Figure Passes Away

SHAFAQNA- Sheikh Saeed Hafez, who was a leading Mubtahil (invocation reciter) died after a long-term illness, al-Yawm al-Sabi website reported.

Sheikh Mahmoud al-Tahami, the director of Egypt’s Association of Tawasheeh and Ibtihal, has extended condolences to the Arab country’s Quranic community over the death Sheikh Hafez.

Egyptian Quranic Figure Passes Away

A memorial service is planned to be held for the deceased Quranic figure in Cairo on Wednesday.

Sheikh Hafez had been scheduled to visit Morocco last month to take part in ceremonies marking the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but could not due to his illness.

Born in 1951 in Ismailia Governorate, northern Egypt, Hafez learned Quran recitation skills with prominent masters and later became an outstanding Mubtahil.

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