Shia clerics call for unity, Army support in Adha sermons

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Lebanon’s Shiite Muslim clerics called for unity and support for the Lebanese Army during sermons marking the Eid al-Adha holiday Sunday. “We should support all the efforts of this country’s faithful people, and support the Army as the winning card in the battlefield,” said Deputy Head of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council Abdel-Amir Qabalan at the “national unity” hall of the council’s headquarters.

Lebanon’s Grand Jaafarite Shiite Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan, the son of Imam Abdel-Amir, called for Muslim and national unity during the speech he made at the Imam al-Hussein mosque in Burj al-Barajneh.

“Let us unite, collaborate and work with integrity and loyalty to rebuild the state of institutions and pluralistic democracy, where the citizen is the pillar of the nation,” Qabalan told followers.

The Mufti said that Lebanon suffers from financial, moral, cultural, social and sectarian crimes that rob the people.

He called for the election of a new president as soon as possible, and for the release of the Army soldiers and policemen being held hostage by extremist militants on the northeastern border.

“Grief prevails over the country because of the Lebanese Army captives that the state could not yet bring back,” Ayatollah Afif Nabulsi said during his Adha sermon at the Zahraa religious center in Sidon.

“The signs of anger appear on the faces of all those who see the state in such a position,” the pro-Hezbollah Nabulsi said.

“There is no will to arm the army, nor a plan for the defense of sovereignty, nor a desire to accept unconditional military donations from a state like Iran,” he added, referring to an offer by Tehran to supply Lebanon with weapons.

Along with Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan, Nabulsi condemned American foreign policy, blaming the western superpower and its allies for the wars and atrocities erupting in the region.

Qabalan and Nabulsi both stressed that Eid al-Adha cannot be celebrated while Lebanon suffers from the political crisis, the socio-economic deterioration and the security instability.

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