Shia clerics call on intellectuals and all religious communities to denounce Wahhabism as the source of terror


SHAFAQNA  EDITORIAL- In view of Beirut attack and after Paris’ tragedy took center stage  – taking the focus away from those communities in the Middle East, Asia and Africa which have suffered the most, Shafaqna got together with Shia clerics and intellectuals to reclaim Islam Scriptures and its narrative of reason.

Shia Islam remains the designated victim of terror. Shia Islam and other religious minorities in the world have been targeted, their traditions sullied and mocked for Wahhabis have benefited from powerful patrons.

Today, Shia Islam wants to clearly and absolutely denounce terror and the crimes it calls for.

Shia Islam does not recognize Islam in Wahhabism. Shia Islam does not condone, nor will it ever demand that be violence be exerted in relation to religion.

Prophet Muhammad and his progeny stood pillars of faith and piety and their message was never one of radicalism, enslavement and violence. Islam came to offer balance, justice and reason. It came to legislate over men’s passions and offer a way even in the most sordid of deeds: war, murder, thievery, nepotism …

Islam does not offer violence as a solution, but it advocates just punishment for those evil-doers and permit that those wronged be rightfully compensated  – but forgiveness is better!

And so in keeping with Shia Islam’s long tradition of justice, Shia clerics have come to denounce injustice, immorality and manipulations.

Their statements will be published soon.





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