“Shia in Islam: Dialogues with Henry Corbin” in Rome, book review

Shafaqna – (International Shia News Agency) – According to Tehran Times, in this article the author states “Shia in Islam: Dialogues with Henry Corbin”, Allameh Mohammad-Hossein Tabatabaii’s book that contains his dialogues and correspondence with French philosopher and Orientalist professor Henry Corbin, was reviewed in a meeting in Rome last week.

The meeting was held in Caffe Letterario on December 13, attended by Roberto Revello, a faculty member of the Philosophy Department of the University of Insubria, and Italian publisher Giuseppe M. Aiello who published the book in collaboration with the Iranian cultural attaché’s office in Rome, the Persian service of IRNA reported on Wednesday.

The book “Islam Sciita: Dialoghi con Henry Corbin” was translated into Italian by Alireza Jalali and Mona Rezvan, edited by Iman Mansub-Basiri and the Ahlul-Bayt World Assembly.

Allameh Tabatabaii and Corbin were in contact for twenty years. The communication started in 1958 and continued until Corbin’s death in 1978.

Italian publisher Giuseppe M. Aiello called the book a great honor for his publication firm in introducing a book on the Shia school of Islam.

Aiello added that he, as an Italian who has converted to Islam, has found the answer to many questions in reading this book.

He mentioned that Allameh Tabatabaii has made the readers familiar with the deep meanings of Shia Islam and has presented wise philosophical responses to the questions in the book.

Cultural Attaché Qorbanali Purmarjan gave a brief introduction about Allameh Tabatabaii and the history of the academic and philosophical dialogues between the Shia and Western scholars.

Roberto Revello for his part noted that he got to know the school of Shia theology through Corbin.

Corbin, who was a great philosopher of the West, acts like a student in front of Allameh Tabatabaii and listens to his words sincerely, Revello said, adding that Corbin was thirsty to learn about the truth and recognized Allmaeh as a source to quench his thirst.

Source: Tehran Times


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