Shia Iraqi Guru of the Occult Al-Shibiani Slams Saudis: I See Hyenas Feeding on Their Corpses

SHAFAQNA –  Abu Ali Al-Shibiani is a popular Shiite Iraqi healer and expert on the occult who interlaces his advice on medical herbs and prophecies of imminent catastrophes with extensive political analysis. Al-Shibiani has a daily show on Iraq Future TV, where he is presented as “a certified international expert on herbal and alternative medicine.” The episodes of his show are also posted on his YouTube channel. On his March 31, 2015 show, while advising callers on the benefits of dill and the best way to treat phlegm, Al-Shibiani plunged into an anti-Sunni diatribe against the backdrop of the Saudi-led “Operation Decisive Storm.” He added that the Jews are steering Arab leaders.

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