Sincere prayers are accepted

SHAFAQNA – Abu Mosa narrated: I went to see Imam Hadi (AS) and said to him: Motawakel (the Caliph) cut my salary because of my love for you, please order my salary to be paid. Imam Hadi (AS) replied: If God wants, your problem will be solved. That night the Caliph’s agents knocked my door, when I opened the door, the minister by the name of Fath asked: What are you doing in your house?

Motawakel is asking for you. I went to Motawekel and when he saw me, said: O’ Abu Mosa we did not take care of you, have you also forgot yourself? Then he gave me lots of money and gifts. On the way back , I asked Fath: Had Imam Hadi (AS) come here? He replied: No; I asked: Has he written a letter? He replied: NO. Then, Fath told me: I have no doubt that you had asked Imam Hadi (AS) for a Dua (prayer).

Ask Imam Hadi (AS) to pray for me as well. I went to Imam Hadi (AS) and said: With your help my problem is solved but those around Motawekel said that you did not go to him or ask him for anything. Imam Hadi (AS) replied: We only seek refuge in God in all matters and rely on Allah (SWT) in difficulties. God taught us to do so and if we ask anything from God, it will be granted.

Then I informed Imam (AS) about Fath’s message. Imam (AS) replied: He (Fath)pretends to be our friend but in fact he is our enemy. Allah (SWT) will grant the requests (prayers) from the one who sincerely obeys God and believes in the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) and the rights of Ahlul Bait (AS). In this case if one has a request from God, will not be deprived.

I asked Imam Hadi (AS) to teach me a special Dua. Imam (AS) replied: There is a Dua which I recite a lot and asked God whoever recites it after me, next to my grave his/her requests be granted; that Dua is: O’ my provisions, and O’ my hope and my refuge, O’ my unique God, I ask You for the sake of those whom you have not placed anyone else in their ranks, and I ask You to greet them; and then, ask your requests from God [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 50, Page 127.

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