Sit-ins in Germany in solidarity with al-Quds (Jerusalem)

SHAFAQNA - The Palestinian Community (PGD) in Germany on Friday afternoon organized symbolic sit-ins in Berlin, Hamburg and Dortmund to commemorate the anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem and condemn Israel’s racist policies against the Palestinian natives in the holy city.

The sit-ins were part of the European week of solidarity with Jerusalem.

In a press release, the community stressed the need to protect Jerusalem and put an end to Israel’s racial discrimination policies that have curtailed the Palestinians’ civil rights in Jerusalem since its occupation in 1967.

It said that three quarters of the Jerusalemites who live in the eastern part of the city suffer, as a result of Israel’s practices, from miserable economic conditions and unsuitable educational and medical services.

The Palestinian areas in east Jerusalem also suffers from continual water outages because of Israel’s use of water resources for the settlements around the city, according to the press release.

The community also deplored Israel’s persistence in demolishing Palestinian homes in Jerusalem and withdrawing the IDs and passports of its natives, saying its racist policies target the demographic and cultural identity of the holy city.

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