Sleeping on stomach ups sudden death risk in epilepsy

SHAFAQNA – Sleeping on their stomach doubles the risk of sudden death in epilepsy patients and the rate of death is higher especially in people younger than 40, according to a latest study.Epilepsy is linked with numerous metabolic and developmental disorders. In this disease cluster of neurons begin to send wrong signals to the brain. These signals give birth to unusual sensations, behavior, convulsions and muscle spasms.

However, the disease cannot be transmitted through one person to another. Unfortunately, researchers have not been able to determine the cause of epilepsy.

A few small studies earlier talked about the hazard associated with prone sleeping position. However, this is the first time when researchers conducted an extensive survey.

University of Chicago researchers conducted a study related on mortality rates of epilepsy patients. They closely reevaluated 25 previous sleep reports of the patients.

James Tao, who is a member of the American Academy of Neurology describes that unexpected deaths are common in the patients of uncontrolled epilepsy. The majority of these deaths occur during sleep.

The study found that nearly 73 percent of epilepsy patients died while sleeping on their stomach. The majority of them were below the age of 40.

It has been recommended that epilepsy patients should not sleep in stomach or chest position. It is preferred that people with neurological disorder should use particular devices to avoid this sleeping position.

The study published in 21st Jan edition of Journal Neurology.

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