Social manner of the Prophet (PBUH)


SHAFAQNA – Anas narrated: Whenever a person talked with the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), he used to listen to the end of that person’s talk, when he shook hands, he never pulled his hand away till that person pulled away, when a person came to him or at the time of leaving, the Prophet (PBUH) used to stand up, always used to greet people first and never stretched his legs in front of others. The Prophet (PBUH) used to respect newly arrived people and at times spread his clothes for them to sit on and placed cushions behind their backs and if they refused he insisted that they use them. The Prophet (PBUH) always respected his companions and called them with the best of names and never interrupted a person talking [1]

[1] Hedyatul Ahbab, page 277.


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