Sony announces DVD ‘Freedom Edition’ of ‘The Interview’

SHAFAQNA- Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced a special DVD and Blu-ray version of its controversial film “The Interview” with extra content that will poke fun at the idea of dating North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

In a statement on Wednesday, Sony said the “Freedom Edition” of the Seth Rogen and James Franco caper—about a CIA plot to assassinate Kim—would be released on February 17.

It will include 90 minutes of bonus content, including 14 deleted scenes, seven minutes of bloopers and eight “featurettes.”

One of the latter is cryptically described as “‘Dating a Dictator’—An authoritative touch on a convincing dating profile video.”

Sony did not respond to an email request to elaborate.

“The Interview” was scheduled for a Christmas Day release before Sony became the target of the biggest cyber attack in U.S. corporate history.

Threats made by hackers prompted Sony to initially cancel its theatrical release. It eventually was screened in art house cinemas, and released on the Internet and via cable TV providers.

Washington has blamed North Korea for the hack on Sony, but Pyongyang has denied that claim—though it strongly condemned the film.

“The Interview” has since become Sony’s best-grossing online film ever, making more than $31 million on the Internet and other small-screen formats.

February 17 is the day after the birthday of the late Kim Jong-Il, father of Kim Jong-Un, which ranks as one of communist North Korea’s most important public holidays.


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