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My Story My Journey My Islam – Kelly Klasson

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Kelly Klasson is an American lady who talks about the “new path” she found in her life after years of internal struggle to attain peace and happiness.
God was always there, I was the one who had turned away from God. He had not turned away from me …
I love learning about the Imams, especially Imam Mahdi (AS). It is fascinating to me, It resonates with me, It resonates with my heart. Imam Ali (AS) is of course the most inspirational to me. In our calture, we get so caught up maybe even as Muslims. We get so caught up and how things look and how many degrees. We have on our wall and what car we derive and our how big our houses … And Imam Ali (AS) was Like the antithesis of that like you know the story were the shirt where he had you know he gives he himself where is the poorly tailored short shirt and gives the good shirt away to like that. That is the example that we should be following and that you know how he fed all those people and no one knew who was dropping the food off until after he had passed and then the food was not being delivered any more …
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