Study: Beer attracts fruit flies as much as humans

SHAFAQNA – A recent study has revealed that the beer’s aroma attracts the fruit flies as much as it attracts humans. Since decades, it has been mystery that why fruit flies gets attracted toward the brew. But the scientists have now discovered the reason behind it.According to the researchers, the beer yeast produces a chemical aroma that is similar to the scent of fruit that attracts fruit flies. Also, the relationship of fruit flies with the yeast cells are symbiotic as the flies helps in the spreading of the yeast cells from one location to other and helps in their multiplication.

The attractive chemical is released by the yeast during the process of fermentation. Fruit flies and the yeast are symbiotic in nature. The fruit flies unknowingly take up the yeast and then disperse it to many places. The yeast does not have the capability to move and hence take the help of the fruit flies. On the other hand, it acts as much enriched protein for the fruit flies.

One experiment that took place in Belgium proved that Fruit flies were attracted to Alcohol Acetyl Transferase or ATF1 yeast gene. The fruit flies were not attracted to the brew of the beer when the ATF1 gene was removed. Scientists explained that the beer smells pungent due to some volatile compounds which are beneficial for human health as well. It also attracts human towards the beer, and the fruit flies as well. So, it is better to care of the beer from the fruit flies now.

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