Sunni scholar speaks on AhlulBayt, and Imam Hussain’s Revolution – Unity is found in Truth

SHAFAQNA – Dr Adnan Ibrahim is an Islamic scholar, medical doctor, and philosopher. He obtained his masters and PhD from the University of Vienna. A Mujtahid in the Shafi’i school of thought and a proponent of the Ashari creed. He has built a strong online presence and become very influential in recent times.

It is often that Sunni scholars have refrained to speak on Imam Hussain’s martyrdom, and discussed those theological points which our Imam’s rising against the tyranny of Yazid implies.

Dr Adnan Ibrahim is a brilliant example of unity in Islam, as he admits to God’s inherent command – that we should hold on to the rope of Allah and not disunite – meaning we ought to submit to the Word and refrain from falsehood.

There is no greater tragedy than dissent within the Islamic community, no greater act of mischief but to sow discord when we ought to rise from our differences and imperfections to seek just guidance.

Ultimately God commanded us to follow in the footsteps of His prophets and the Prophet Muhammad imparted with one clear injunction: to hold to the Quran and the guidance of his progeny.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna


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