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Switzerland calls on Bahraini regime to fully cooperate with Human Rights Council

SHAFAQNA – Human Rights Council, Switzerland urged Bahraini government to fully cooperate with the council.

In a statement at the Human Rights Council, Switzerland called on Bahrain to fully cooperate with the council. It confirmed that Bahrain is among the countries that practice repression against civil society, in violation of its international binding commitments.

Switzerland also expressed concerned over Bahrain’s reprisal measures against individuals that cooperate with the United Nations, and over targeting human rights defenders, political opponents, and individuals practicing their right to freedom of expression.

Moreover, the Swiss representative expressed his country’s concern over the Bahraini regime’s use of torture, lack of fair trials, and excessive use of power against peaceful protests.

Switzerland further called on the Bahraini government to respect human rights and release all prisoners detained for practicing basic rights, among them prominent activist Nabeel Rajab, and other human rights activists.

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