Syed Hassan, a teenager guarding a Majlis of Imam Hussain in Birmingham has been stabbed multiple times


SHAFAQNA – Syed Hassan, a teenager guarding a Majlis of #ImamHussain in Birmingham (England) has been stabbed multiple times and is in intensive care. The likely suspects are Salafi thugs who were trying to force their way in. This incident speaks volumes about not just the blowback of U.K. And US foreign policy in funding and training Al Qaeda against the secular Syrian government.

This disturbing incident also exposes some corrupt sellouts of the Interfaith circuit who want Shia Muslims to abandon their beliefs to appease Salafi thugs.

The victim’s uncle has posted a detailed video where he has highlighted all the preceding events that lead to this tragic incident. Salafi/Wahhabis had earlier that day come in to record and mock the lamentation ceremony for Imam Hussain. They had been asked to leave before they caused further trouble. The violent, thuggish attack on the young 15 year old is now likely a terrorist attack by those following the same WSD (Wahhabi Salafi Deobandi) ideology that lead to the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester, London. More than their hatred for Christians, Jews and Hindus, WSD cannot bear the remembrance of Imam Hussain as this starts to expose their heros.

Sayed Hasan, the young boy stabbed in the face and throat last night in Birmingham Alhamdulillah he survived. . His uncle has released a video statement… the mosque cctv has recorded a group visibly salafi. One arrest has been made. Police expected to release a statement. Early news indicates that it appears as if the boy fought off a beheading.




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